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Here at Everywhere Beauty, We love tans! The natural looking ones!! Thats why we chose to use St Tropez!

It is well known for delivering a natural golden glow. This is due to our unique blend of tanning agents and skin conditioning ingredients that work to the individual's skin tone to deliver a natural finish that will not develop 'orange'.

St Tropez is 100% natural! The natural DHA is derived solely from vegetable sources and combined with a unique blend of skin conditioners, is the reason our tans are natural and long lasting.

We have chosen to use the Express tan and the Dark bronze St Tropez tans to ensure that you get the tan you want!

With the St Tropez Express spray tan, you can leave it on for 1hr, which gives you a light tan. 2hrs, medium tan and 3hrs for a dark tan! It will also continue to develop for 8hrs after you've done your light rinse.

The St Tropez Dark bronze is for the lovers of Dark tans!! You can leave it on for anywhere from 4-8hrs depending on how you dark you like it!

Have a chat to our consultants before your treatment to discuss how dark you'd like your tan!