Mens Eyelash Tinting in Lane Cove or Cremorne


The Perfect way to enhance your eyes without extensions or mascara! 

We have your choice of colours for your bright eyes to last for up to 4 weeks. Colours include:

  • Graphite * Light black tint.
  • Standard Black.
  • Blue Black * Darkest colour for lashes.


  • Try to avoid wearing mascara on the day of your appointment as makeup remover doesn’t bind well to the tint.
  • If unsure of ingredients in our products, We recommend a patch test to be preformed 24hours before your actual treatment.


  • Trained therapist to deal with any party of the body including sensitive areas such as around the eyes.
  • One on one consult to achieve desired colour for our clients. Or for first timers may Require a Patch test, for Skin safety requirements.
  • Using a light layer of Vaseline on under lower lashes and top eyelid to have a safe barrier between tint and skin.
  • Under the lower lash we place a pad to catch any Excess tint that may stain the skin, While we use gentle brush strokes to apply coloured tint to both lower & upper lashes.
  •  Tint will be left on the lashes for the remaining minutes, always under professional supervision.
  • Rinsed out with water & pat dried and PRESTO fabulous dark looking lashes!


  • Fresh cleansed eyes.
  • Please stay our of direct sunlight as tints do tent to fade faster under the natural UV exposure.
  • To keep Natural lashes long, strong and healthy apply natural cold pressed Caster Oil or lash serums. Twice a day or instructed on the package. 

Here are a couple of helpful tips for first timers to waxing.

Just a side note, if it is your first time or you haven't waxed in a while, there is no need to clipper or trim the hairs. We'll work out if it needs trimming or not. This way there is no risk of you nicking yourself or cutting the hair too short.

If you have an other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Spray Tanning, Waxing and Eyebrow professionals for Men and Women
We also provide a unqiue service for Lash Lifts and results driven organic facials for men and women 


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