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Brows to Measure


Whilst we are in isolation, this is a great time to actually leave your brows alone and let them grow out, so when we re-open again, we'll be able to shape them for you.

For those who want to maintain your brows during this period, we've just got a couple of tips for you.


* Measure your brows starting at Point 1 on the diagram. This makes sure you don't pluck to far into your brow. Point 2 is roughly where your arch starts. How deep you pluck into your Brow will depend on how high you want your arch to be. If you are unsure, please lightly pluck underneath to tidy but leave the overall shape to us.  Point 3 is where your brow ends. For a natural brow there is no need to pluck if your brow hair pass this mark. Just tidy the top of the end of the brow to enchance the length of your brows.


* Opt for a quick tidy instead of plucking into shape. You can leave that bit to us.


* More importantly, let your eyebrows grow!

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Spray Tanning, Waxing and Eyebrow professionals for Men and Women
We also provide a unqiue service for Lash Lifts and results driven organic facials for men and women 


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