Waxing and tanning for men and women

Mens Eyebrow Wax in Lane Cove or Cremorne


Let our specially dedicated team of experts take care of your eyebrows.

Wether it is just a tidy up, trim or bring out the natural shape, we are more than happy to help you.



  • Fresh cleansed faces are preferred.
  • Don't shave 2 weeks prior to your wax.
  • No harsh Loofahs or gloves on face area, Please use a gentle face wash with light beads before & a few days after your treatment.



  • Trained therapist to deal with any party of the body including sensitive areas such as around the eyes.
  • One on one consult to achieve desired look for our clients.
  • Using our specially sort out gentle but affective Hot Wax for comfort and results.
  • Strategically applying Hot wax on target areas of the brows to remove any traces of hair.
  • Staff will provide and /or apply moisturiser or soothing Alove Vera gel to sooth & hydrate skin after your waxing treatment.



  • Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration or being in direct sunlight, for at least 12 hours after the treatment has been preformed. 
  • Apply sunscreen all over face. To protect skin.



  • Hair should be 1cm - 2cm in length to get maximum results
  • To insure minimal irritation for our clients, We recommend to rise face under cold water to close up any open pores due to removing hair follicles from the roots straight after leaving the salon and apply moisturiser/ soothing gels & sunscreen.
  • Do no exfoliate face straight after waxing, wait for 3day after to insure skin is naturally settled down.
  • A good quality SPF is highly recommend to be applied to skin to insure good safety practice.

Here are a couple of helpful tips for first timers to waxing.

  • Please be showered and clean before coming into the salon
  • Don't shave 2 weeks prior to your wax.
  • Use a loofah or exfoliating glove after to help reduce ingrowns after your wax treatment
  • Hair should be 1cm - 2cm in length to get maximum results.

Just a side note, if it is your first time or you haven't waxed in a while, there is no need to clipper or trim the hairs. We'll work out if it needs trimming or not. This way there is no risk of you nicking yourself or cutting the hair too short.

If you have an other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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